Christian Relief Aid donates seeds to farmers in Luri

 By Wek Atak Kacjang

 Christian Relief Aid (CRA) Organization has   donated seeds to the farmers residing in Luri County, Central Equatoria State during the weekend.  Christian Relief Aid celebrates International Charity   Day under the theme: “Giving hope to the vulnerable.”

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the celebration for International Charity Day, Munirat Jibra Program Manager for Christian Relief Aid said they are working to reach out to the people who are in need in the communities so as to change life and support them.

“We are celebrating this day to show our fellow people to do really need. We intended today to give relief items to over one thousand people in Rombur Village of Luri County because we discover that the people of Luri some of them are mostly  farmers,” Jibra said.

 She added that they are going to show the little donation to show love to the community

She revealed that her organization plan to distributes some seedling to the farmers in order to empower them to grow plants in order to sustain their livelihood.

She added that the country can progress through practice agriculture as the important parts of generating income.

“Agricultural system will only run if there are crops being grown and harvested so this where farmers come in to help the agricultural sector grow, farmer will ensure that these seed are well nurtured so that they can bring high profit.”

Dan Janzen, Across Technical Advisor for Food Security and Livelihood said the training will give the locals hope and skills in farming.

“We want to teach the people the way and idea to live successful life,” Janzen said.

International Day of Charity was established on 5th of September in 2012 to serve and increase and to enhance social responsibility across the world with the objective of sensitizing and mobilizing people, NGOs and stakeholders around the world.

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