Christian Leadership Institute to be relocated home

By: Gaaniko Samson

The Director of African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry (ALAM) said it would be repatriating the institute back to South Sudan.

The ALAM was relocated to Arua District Uganda in 2018 due to the civil war in the country.

Rev. Peter Garang Deng, the Country Director for ALAM South Sudan said they were planning to repatriate the learning Centre back home so as to transform the citizens.

“We need to transform and change the negative mind set of the communities through the gospel of peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation,” he said.

He was speaking during the 5th graduation ceremony where twenty six South Sudanese pastors graduated in leadership skills.

Rev. Garang thanked the graduates for the effort they have made up to this level despite the challenges they had been facing since the war broke out in the country.

He urged them to be agents of peace through what they have learned during their training to help and transform their communities.

He added that ALAM has done a lot in transforming lives of South Sudanese in the country

Garang disclosed this would make the last graduation ceremony in Uganda as they plan to relocate the institute.

Rev. Levi Lukadi, the Director for Christian Leadership Institute of South Sudan stated that the College was moved to Arua due to the conflict.  

He hailed people and the government of Uganda for their great hospitality for allowing the institute to operate in Uganda.

He further appreciated ALAM for its great support by Air lifting the students from South Sudan to the College in Uganda during this high economic crisis in the country.

Levi said it was the role of the graduates to go and change the country with the skills and knowledge that they have acquired.

Yeka Joel a representative of the students lauded the donors and the government of Uganda for giving them space for learning.

He said it was due to the prolonged war in the country that contributed to the relocation of the institute to Uganda saying transport has been their major challenge as many would like visit their dear ones during holidays.

Yeka said they lack teaching materials as most of their text books were burnt and some got stolen during the war.

He further appealed to the parties to the peace agreement to speed up the peace progress in the country so that those living in refugee camps would come back home.

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