Chris Nevi Is Elevating Modelling To The Next Level

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Chris Nevi vowed  to take modelling fashion to the Next Levelwith so much eagerness in order to  take South Sudan’s modelling industry to the next stage in the country.

Christoper Nihal is the brith name with seven feet tall young man in his early twenties,had a chat with the soft spoken law student who is studying law at University of Juba with the hope of fighting for the rights of models in the country.Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Chris Nevi known Aka Nhial said he is going to use the law to protect the rights of models whom he felt are being expolited in the country.

“The journey to taking the country’s model industry to the next level started way back in South Sudan when Chris said he was paid 5000ssp a night runway and from that moment he felt the need to stand up for the next generations of models,”.

he added that he had been a proud Representative of South Sudan at the Gucci Runway in Tanzania,where he is paid thousands of USD. Chris said that all the models in the country deserves better and advised them to take the career with seriousess.

“There is a lot of potenial in the modelling industry of my beloved Nation and I believe that through what am planing to do and others will support,we shall be able to achieve a respectable and well paying industry for the benefit of Models ”,said Chris

Chris Nevi

Chris said that he believed in Models in the country should they be paid well,so that they can be able to take good care of themsleves and families.

“If we pay models petty cash,how do we expect them to look good,dress well and eat good food,they deserve to be paid well so they can love modelling”,said Chris

According to Chris, Modelling is not about  famous but being contractced for major business brands.

He revealed that South Sudanese Models are amongst the most appreciated in the world because of the height and colorand he added that such should be reflected in the way they pay them.

Being one of the country’s top Model export, was because of the support  Chris’s parents gave him and this has motivated Chris and he is now  appealling  to all parents in the country to support their children’s career.

Chris said that although some South Sudanese look at modelling as  wasting of time ,to him,they should motivate their children.

Chris has won several awards; such as Mister Ross Connect 2019/2020,contested in East Africa Talent Search and won,Africa Stars Awards and also fetched

At the age of 24years,Chris believed that once all is put right in the modelling industry,majority of South Sudanese Models will live the life that they wish to live.

Being creative and keeping safe are some of the reasons why Chris who started modelling in 2018 has managed to keep the game real.

For one who has taken modelling as business and is riping the fruits,Chris advised all models to never give up but continue to do what they love and believe in.

Several companies in Uganda are currently embracing Chris to be their Brand Ambassadors,a move he revealled will earn him enough exposure and more cash.

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