Chosen people

By Akol Arop Akol


Our hearts transpire and the eyes filled with tears

Spiritually embrace memories of the lost dears

How they got lost, suffered and died in the desert

Soaked by rain, hurt in pain but still struggled strong

Their experiences are stories that we will never forget

But lastly, authority was given to us to correct the wrong


We are lucky, blessed and purposely created in the world

Destined to fulfil the divine mission in life before we get old

Placed in unique habitat among creation of the Garden of Eden

Beauty, propensity and unity are qualities of a Blackman

Pride and patriotism are our motivating roles for South Sudan


Though the world went ahead towards it destination

While we are trying to stand up from our instigation

They heard about our mother and call her the last born

My hearts die thousand times when seeing her being torn

How do we make our country more valuable in Africa?

Victory is certain when we unity with Deng and Monica


Oh world, listen carefully to our crying voice

Who we are or where we come form is not our choice

So, we must be proud of our country, culture and tribe

Let us live in peace and utilize our resources to survive


Despite being non-believers, Muslims and all the Christians

You, sons and daughters are called out of caves and mountains

Send the word of God preachers and messengers like prophets

Keep predicting that one day our people will hear the trumpets

What can we do for South Sudan?

In spite of gender, boys and girls

We are accountable for our affairs

We are blessed, chosen and we are loved

God knows why he made South Sudanese.







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