CHOOSE-Between politics, armed forces

The South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF)

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Heads of security organs resolved on Thursday to expel members engaged in politics in a move to affect the presidential order banning members of organized forces from partaking in political activities.

The heads of the SSPDF, National Security Service (NSS), and National Police Service among others, met yesterday to discuss the security situation during the Christmas and New Year celebration.

The commanders of the security forces in the meeting chaired by the minister of interior and other authorities also resolved to sensitize officers and personnel after which they will be asked to quit politics or face severe consequences including expulsion.

“Now it has come out as an order, and it will be read to all the forces and they will be made aware whoever violates sit after, will face the consequences because organized forces are not supposed to be engaged in any political activities,” said Brigadier General James Dak Karlo the Deputy National Police Service Spokesperson.

“If personnel and officers are requested to serve in the political posts or community associations by their communities, they must reject the offer as the order from the president requires,” he added.

“Immediately after dissemination of the information is done in all units, then the parade will be called to make sure that everyone attends and gets the information,” he explained.

General Dak said any member who has joined politics already should not be part of the organized forces, adding that the order affects all members of all ranks.

“We are now going to make sure that the order is obeyed, executed, and implemented, and that is why we are going to the ground to talk to our forces. Our main mission is to see that it is implemented correctly without any violation,” he added.

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