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Cholera vaccination kicks off in Gumbo

Health link-a national non-governmental organization with support from health partners is conducting a three day cholera vaccination in Don Bosco Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs) camp in Gumbo.

The Cholera vaccination campaign, which started on Monday is expected to end on Wednesday (today).

Abacha Geofry Omara the emergency and humanitarian response officer at health link said the three day Cholera vaccination is targeting about 6,000 people from within Don Bosco IDP camp and as well the host community.

He said over the last three weeks more than 50 cases of Cholera have been reported in Gumbo with some few deaths recorded within the health Center and outside the health facility.

According to Omara, two people were reported dead in Gumbo PHCC and one was in the residential  area.

He said the campaign was a response to a recommendation from the Ministry of Health and other health partners that there should be Cholera vaccination campaign in Gumbo.

Omara added that people in gumbo are more vulnerable than any other area within Juba that is why the response has to be taken very quickly to prevent further spread of cholera.

He called on the public to practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of Cholera especially to avoid the disposal of waste that can attract flies.

“The only worst vehicle we have in the transmission of cholera is the fly. So as long as the people block the transmission or the access of fly to our foods, then we will be able to prevent cholera,” he said.

Achol Elizabeth one of the residents who got the vaccination applauded the efforts made by health link and the health partners containing the spread of cholera in the area.

She said since many cases of Cholera were reported, they have been living in fear because they did not have the vaccine.

Sunday Elia Patrick, a student said she now felt safe after receiving the vaccination.

She urges those who don’t want to take the vaccine to turn for the vaccination so that the spread of the cholera is contained in Don Bosco and the surrounding areas.

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