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Chinese medical team launch 3-day medical services in Lakes

By Mabor Riak Magok

Chinese medical team comprising of different specialists launched 3-days medical services in Lakes State.

the Chinese medical team leader Dr.  Ding Zhen said that they will start working in Kiir Mayardit Women’s Hospital and the rest of health centers.

“After we back to Juba, we are going to share the challenges you are facing with other teams. we are going to share program with them to enable them and make a better preparation so that to bring more medicines,”

He added that this is not a first time for Chinese medical team to come here.

Meanwhile, the Director General for  Kiir Mayardit Women’s Hospital, Dr. Monyde Ater Kuaar appealed to the office of National Ministry of Health to organize this medical team visit to Lakes State.

“we medical team in Rumbek, we have different specialists including dermatologists, skin, ear and nose problems specialists, surgeon, paediatrician’s, internal middle, gynaecologist and obstetricians for those with pre existing of any kind including people with health problems, but lack of specialists on gynaecology, obstetric among others in Lakes State. Chinese medical services which have been delivered will be given to people of Lakes State for free without charges.

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