Chinese gov’t donates medical equipment to fight Coronavirus

By Martha David

The Chinese Government has donated Medical Equipment to the office of the first lady Mary Ayen as part of the support in fighting the coronavirus in the country.

South Sudan Coronavirus cases now stands at 2,007 as of Tuesday, with 38 deaths and 279 recoveries.  

The Medical equipment includes 18,000 facemasks and 120 thermometers.  

Speaking during the donation, the Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan Hua Ning said the COVID-19 pandemic has got a lot of challenges that need both countries to join hands in fighting it.

He explained that it was a great day to hand over the medical supply that came from the first lady to support the vulnerable people  especially women and children who have suffered a lot and contributed a lot for the country .

Ning added that they were not only providing the medical support but also working to support economic recovery in the country as well.

 “We are working with the government, International Organizations to continue to provide humanitarian assistance, agricultural support, technical support, infrastructure cooperation which will help to lay stronger foundation for the future of South Sudan,” he added.

Paul Gal Atem, Executive Director in the office of the first lady said the support was very important for the Ministry of Health to curb down the disease.

“This will help the Ministry of Health under the leadership of Elisabeth Achui in fighting the COVID-19,” he said.

He added that the first lady has been engaging in a lot of projects to support most vulnerable people including women and children, Youth and street children.

However the undersecretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Mayen Machut Machiek said that the supplies were going to be distributed to the health workers in the frontline fighting against the pandemic in all the hospitals in the states of South Sudan.

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