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Chinese doctors donate food items to Juba Orphanage

B y Wek Atak Kacjang

The ninth batch of Chinese medical team led by the team leader Dr. Ding Zhen donated food items and offered free medical assistance to over sixty-one children living in Juba orphanage center.

On Wednesday, Chinese medics visited orphanage center to support vulnerable children lacking parental care and donated milk, water, biscuits and provided medical consultations at the centre.

Speaking to media during donation, the head of ninthbatch, Dr. Ding Zhen said that they visited the orphanage to express love and solidarity with the venerable children.

“We are China medical team send by government to come and share ideas with our fellow South Sudanese doctors in Juba Teaching Hospital. We came here to delivery medical services because in China we put consideration into education as the first key priority,”

He added that when they visited center, they weredelighted to see the confidence and smiles on the faces of the kids and listened to their demands. Dr. Zhen added that they wanted to share with them some constructive ideas so that they could enjoy a meaningful day and help them in achieving their small demands.

Meanwhile the director for Juba Orphanage Center Angelo Kenyi Samuel appreciatedthe Chinese doctors for supporting the center. He added that he was very grateful to the Chinese team of doctors for providing them with food because over the past months orphanage did not get enough meals.

“Orphans are also harshly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.orphans in the center are facing a shortage of funds amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has exacerbated the existing economic hardships.Juba orphanage is not new for today, it was established on 17 November 1962 because it was established for the orphans in South Sudan. The number of orphans is sixty-one, all of them are in school starting from nursery, primary and secondary but the major challenge that facing is that they don’t have permanent supporting center or NGO,” he said.

Kenyi added that the major issue was feeding, school fees plus diseases that occurred in the center because it was not the first time for Chinese doctor to support the orphanage center.

Last month, the ninth batch from east China’s Anhui Province arrived in the country, replacing the eighth batch of Chinese medical team.

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