China trains South Sudanese on fish management

The four participants from South Sudan who participated in the training

By Morris Dogga

At least four South Sudanese have completed a three weeks intensive training on the management and preservation of fish.

The training was meant to equip South Sudanese with the necessary knowledge on how to grow the different types of fish as well as the importance of the fishery sector in South Sudan.

The participants toured fishing ponds in China during the period of the training to observe how the Chinese fishery sector had transformed the lives of individuals and the economy.

The largest part of the River Nile-Africa’s Longest River is in South Sudan. The aquatic animals were still unexploited.

Deng Ajeth Deng one of the participant who attended the training in Wuxi City  in Jiangsu province said they were taught how to handle the fish from the ponds up to the point of sale.

He explained that what they had learnt was the idea.

“If that technology is implemented it will help South Sudan a lot,” Deng Said adding that it would create employment and improves people’s economic status.

“But the major challenge that could face the fishery sector in South Sudan is how to maintain the ponds,” he added.

Deng said if the government had given priority to improve the fish industry in the country it would generate revenue collection of the country.

He said the Fresh Water Fishery Research Centre (FWFRC) -an institution that conduct research on fish had expressed willingness to help the sector in South Sudan.

Deng noted that they learn how the Chinese were able to grow fish and rise in the same firm.

The seminar that was conducted in the city of Wuxi in collaboration with South Sudan China Friendship Association (SSCHIFA), China Aid and the government of South Sudan.

Some of the participants were selected by the South Sudan China Friendship Association (SSCHIFA)

SSCHIFA is a non-profit association that promote China-South Sudan People-to-people relationship.

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