China-South Sudan Relations Strengthened

By Agar Mayor Gai

The true nature of a good and caring friend is seen in his ways of responding to whatsoever faces you. Be it in times of fortunes or during hard times, the true characters of a worthless or good friend will always shine.

And for the case of this nation, since its inception, we have not smelled any scent of success. We have, for almost all our life times, been in wars.

These wars have kept drawing us back and back without any progress. And so, this means that to figure out among all the nations of the world, the best friend we can make and maintain in this country, we have to see how they have reacted to our challenges.

It is true that some are happy to see us undergoing through these for the rest of our lives. Some are behind our economic and political downfalls and they are not sleeping at all.

They want to do more than these. They want to make sure that we do not realize our real friends. However, it is true for the nature, that as you live, there are those who will dislike your progress and there are those who will always feel good and happy to see their fellow human beings prospering and being united just like God wants. Unfortunately, these kinds of Godly people or nations are rare and very hard to know and find out their exact characters.

However, the moment you follow all their ways, you get to know what or who they really are. From what I have seen, anyone can acknowledge and accept that behind our nation of South Sudan, there is China.

Since our breakaway from Sudan, China has never hesitated if it comes to helping the country in forms of what to eat, wear and what to treat various diseases that have been as a result of the conflict.

They also contributed in mediating the peace deal which we are soon to witness in November of this year. And more importantly, as an old saying says” always do not give a person game meat but instead show him how to hunt for it”, China has kept up to the real meaning of this wonderful saying.

It has made sure we do not get things on a silver plate as other people and nations may want it to be. This China’s act is seen in how it trains people or students both with in this country and in their nation of China in various fields such as health and business.

The number of those who have seen and felt the hospitality of the Chinese people are uncountable with our managing editor of Juba Monitor, Mzee Odongo Odoyo being among the beneficiaries.

What he has got from the Chinese people will not only help the Newspaper but also the whole nation. Now, I can say that our relationship with the People’s Republic of China is strengthened and we all wish that other nations follow and adopt the foreign policy of the Chinese people. But though, there is a belief that people in this world see things at different angles or differently.

This means that what I might have seen, for now, concerning China is not as yours or what I may again see and say when I find a nation or people better than Chinese people will not be definitely taken wrong because of this article. It is true that China may not be all which I have said but remember that in this world, not a single thing, be it a system, a tree or any other country or people, is perfect. Each and every country has what makes it what it is. And that is why we are all different in the ways we do our things.

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