China promises to support the less fortunate

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Ambassador HUA Ning of the people’s Republic Of China yesterday promised to continue supporting more than 67 orphans who are living at the Juba Orphanage Center.

The Juba Monitor team led by Managing Editor Odongo Odoyo, joined ambassador HUA Ning and Ninth Batch of the Chinese medical team who stepped in by donating learning materials, cloths and food items to 67 orphans at the Orphanage to fulfil the needs of children over the coming festive period., adding that they were inspired with Juba Monitor when Odoyo celebrated his 68th birthday with the children at the orphanage by putting “a smile in their faces” Christmas festival.

HUA Ning said China and South Sudan have a promising prospect for cooperation. China-South Sudan cooperation should stay focused on people’s livelihood by strengthening agricultural cooperation and education, he added.

“China and South Sudan government are working together to improve the well-being and livelihood for the local people. Many Chinese including the Chinese medical team have been supporting operations at Juba Orphanage centre as well as Chinese Association donates some essential food items and other necessary needs,” Ning said.

He added that the Embassy appreciated the efforts of Juba Monitor as the Daily English Newspaper whose work is not to document the history of South Sudan but to participate in the development of South Sudan for the future. Also, Juba Monitor has been active during social responsibilities.

Ning said that his government is helping South Sudan society in areas such as unity and coexistence.  

At the same time, the Director of Juba Orphanage Centre Angelo Kenyi Samuel appreciated Juba Monitor and the Chinese ambassador with his team for the support they had made toward Juba Orphanage Center.

 “We are very thankful for these donations, as we have a number of challenges we are currently facing, this includes a shortage of food items, educational material, stationaries and we also need to get our kitchen renovated.” 

He added that the orphanage Center was facing a shortage of funds amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which had worsened the existing economic hardships.

As Juba orphanage is not new in its background for today, it was established on 17 November 1962 because it was established for the orphans in South Sudan. The number of orphans is 67, all of them are in school both nursery school, secondary and universities, but the major challenge facing the Center is because they don’t have permanent support from any institution or NGO.

Since China and South Sudan established diplomatic relations in 2011, China has trained over 5,000 management and technical talents for South Sudan and provided hundreds of scholarships.

The country helped South Sudan to build a number of schools, completed the China-Aided Technical Cooperation Project of Education (Phase I), and is now implementing its Phase II project by editing and printing textbooks for primary and secondary school students and providing professional training for teachers in South Sudan.

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