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China donates more than 9,000 metric tons of rice to S. Sudan

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The Peoples Republic of China has donated more than 9,660 metric tons of rice to the Republic of South Sudan to be allocated to the 32 states in the country, according to the Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

While addressing the press yesterday, Manase Lomole Waya, the Chairperson of RRC said that the donation was given following the visit of the President Salva Kiir to China.

“The Peoples Republic of China has been so generous to us. They have recently donated 9,660 metric tons of rice to South Sudan following the visit of the President to China,” Waya said.

Waya said the rice will reach the country shortly and will be allocated to all the 32 states plus Abyei Administrative area.

He said the allocation will be based on basic quantity as the baseline for the distribution.

In 2016 China donated 1,700 tonnes of rice to South Sudan as part of efforts to help the world’s youngest nation that was facing a humanitarian crisis.


However, there were allegations that some of the tonnes ended in government officials’ houses.

Waya though said the RRC’s top priority was to allocate the rice to those returning to their home from POCs and refugee camps.

He said the RRC would make sure the food gets distributed to the right people.

“We will not allow commercialization of any of this food that will be given to RRC to be given to our people. That is our stand,” Waya added.

He said the main challenge that was facing the RRC was transporting the rice to the neighboring states.

“Our main challenge in taking this rice to the states will be transport. In the last quantity of food that we got, we had to ask World Food Program to help us,” Waya reiterated.





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