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China Bank to Fund Juba-Torit-Nadapal Road

By Morris Dogga

An agreement on a Loan to fund the construction of Juba-Torit- Nadapal road deal has been reached between the government of South Sudan and China Exim Bank, the Minister of Information and Telecommunication Michael Makuei Lueth said on Friday after the Council of Ministers meeting.

Lueth said the agreement was reached after the Minister of Finance; Stephen Dhieu Dau visited China upon invitation by the China Exim Bank, the body meant to give loans for development projects.

“This time they went and negotiated that loan, and they have at least initially agreed that they will fund the Juba-Torit- Nadapal road,” Lueth said.

He said the government has been looking for part of the funds because the Juba-Torit-Nadapal Road is a joint project between the government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

He said the final contracts will possibly be finalized within this month.

“The contracts will be finalized as soon as possible, probably within October,” he added.

However, the minister did not disclose the amount of money required to fund the construction of the Juba-Torit-Nadapal Road stating that it is too early to talk about the money now because it was not yet in its final phase.

The construction of the road is expected to start in Nesitu and shall transverse through Liriya to Torit and then Nadapal near the border with Kenya.

The road will provide a direct access to the port of Mombasa.


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