Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When Madam National Speaker Nunu Kumba sent a chilling message to governors to perpendicularly with public officials who were hell bent in disobey, the required public work ethics. I saw a new wave of collective administrative at work. The executive, the legislative and the judiciary are the three arms of the government that run the affairs of the country. That this time wayward officials are warned and put on notice by one of the main arm is a sign and an indicator that things will not be the same again for the future well-being of this country. There are old and new administration in each of the ten states and the three administrative areas. Working collectively is purely meant for effective and appropriate service delivery to the general public. Going by the on-going firth Governors’ forum in juba which will be concluded tomorrow, almost all those who addressed the occasion talked about unity, transparency and accountability. This show the urge to have a clean and well managed society. It is a change that must be taken by all leaders. It is the call that the leadership continued to drum support for and it would be the beginning of pulling forward together instead of leaving the task to few individuals. Something tell s me to tell men to live up to the country’s expectation. Women are coming up with programs that would soon be felt right down the village or ground. Going with what lady Madam Speaker expressed and if one is following what is going on with female parliamentarians visiting Kenya, there is a reason for men to start thinking differently. I want to agree with the African saying the “women are firm foundation of homes” They have gone on a mission to learn and if possible borrow the good knowledge that can make them build firm foundations back home. They will be heading to Rwanda one of the countries with the largest women population in the legislative assembly. There should be a course to start preparing for challenges that are definitely going to be posed by women in leadership although for the good of the country but some male chauvinists may feel threatened. With the three arms of the government collectively working for the betterment of the future, the fourth estate which is the mirror bridging the gap between the government and the public should be given free hand to keep up-dating the tax-payers who should know what their government is doing. It is not in the public interests that some public service providers always wish to operate in isolation as if hiding something from the public. This should not be the case because every citizen is held accountable for what she/he is doing. It is only when the realization will don on us that we shall be seen to have been set free from any ills that would have affected the base of unity that is a priority in the country.  

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