Children shouldn’t be influenced negatively

By Akol Arop Akol


Negative agents of change are veering our children off the right path of life and consequently making them to think and behave quite weirdly. This behavior is portrayed more obviously through dressing styles, self-conducts at home or school, and reactions toward elders.

Since we live in the global village, one would ask whether it really matters to question a child’s moral standard. It does. Children are vulnerable and easily get influenced by things unfolding within their environment.

Back in the Stone Age period, people wore traditional attires that would actually leave them nearly naked. That tradition has been modified and integrated in the modern society by the textile industries.

This issue has affected the young generation. Children copy and paste what they see from people around them and also wear what they see others wear.

Their answer when questioned would be that they are keeping up with the world and keeping up with fashion trends. When something new comes out whether a phone, dress or any model they make sure they grab one.

By doing this, they would then fit in peer groups because they look classic and fantastic. Their colleagues would respect and treat them like sons and daughters of big people.

Children fall victims of technology consequence, those of rich families ask for everything and are given, but the ones of poor parents see alternative ways. A boy or a girl whose father or mother is receiving 1 or 2 thousand SSP is crying and trying by all means to have the latest fashion,  clothes and smartphone especially iPhone. Where can parents or the children get money from? It means corruption or robbery has to be done. Or the girls involve in profit-relationship.

If we see young girls and boys jumping from one to another, it is not their organs itching and wanting lusts but it is because of burning desires which are motivated by social influence. It is also that they want to be like others.

Children are victimized in all ways,  they are the ones who may miss school because of no fees,  they be in poverty because of crisis and that they can’t work for themselves,  they are involved in crimes and immoral activities like sexual abuse and after the root cause could be that sometimes they give themselves to please others in order to get something for a living and again because of their bad dressing,  young men would view them as easygoing and run after them,  when there is repulsive it ends up with a rape.

The children should not be allowed to put on anything wearable or listen to all kinds of music because some of them are immoral, there are types of songs they should listen to like gospel, educational or peace songs. But today children are holding big phones loaded with useless music and videos and airtime where they chat from morning to evening forgetting school and home chores.

Socially, our children must be rescued or after ending the conflict we have been suffering from for years, we shall find odd beliefs have harmed our young generation already and that would be another problem to fight.

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