Children should not be exposed to dangers

Growing in a hostile environment where are many sorts of violence and dangers is not easy for the Children of South Sudan. Without clean water, feeding, clothing, education and medication when they fall sick they could never get comfort and happiness because of stress that leads to long term trauma.

Some of the mistreatment which Children include lack of feeding and clothing, denial of education, heavy housework, bullying and emotional abuse

As being born and raised in an environment with poverty, some parents have no responsibility and capacity to provide good feeding for Children. A Child has to spend a whole day without breakfast or lunch and again go to bed without supper. It could be because poor families could not have the resources or negligence of some parents to provide their needs. It is also common that children are not given clothes. Mostly, South Sudanese parents buy new clothes during Christmas just for celebrations. They don’t understand that clothes contribute to high self-esteem, because when smart, they feel good.

Denial of education is in form of refusing Children from going to school instead of keeping them at home or even taking them to cattle camps. Though some children are lucky to be taken to school, they are not given scholastic materials like books to read, school bags, transport money, or fees, as they fail to get such support, they drop out and alternatively engage in abusive activities.

Heavy housework is another danger contributing to the problems affecting children in South Sudan communities. We already know why children are important for African Traditional communities according to Christian Religious education that Children are blessing because they are sources of labour. This culture is a reality because many households have no maids (house girl/boy) and therefore assign heavy duties to children especially the females.

As subjected to harsh environment and weather, they may get sick but are not given medical attention. Mostly in rural areas where there are limited healthcare centres and a lack of drugs, children are victims of malaria.

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