Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Waking up yesterday was one thing to come to terms with international celebration of the “World Child Day” with a simple message “embrace and respect the right of children” This message kept nagging me for some time taking me back to wonder loudly as if in dreamland that at one time or another, someone was a child who would have wished to celebrate this day as the children of today were doing. Their wish could be wish-washed because like me our child days are gone and will forever be replaced with fathers or grandfathers day. This is where the society should come handy to understand how bringing up children in a disciplined and peaceful manner are important. The foundation of a nation starts with proper up-bringing. One cannot up-bring an old-man like me but can only invest in child-youth up-bringing foundation.  Like becoming very bearable when one is surrounded with conducive and bearable condition within the society that one lives. It cannot be over said what a good and loving society is all about but imagine that you were living there yourself. Would it not be a plus in your life or would it not add more value in your life. Parents who have young and growing up children must have had a wonderful time bringing and joining their kids in various activities to make them happy lot. I did this because l am a father with loving children although they have passed the age of being that but still they remain someone’s children and that it is me just as l am my parent’s child. I am optimistic that with proper up-bringing, there will be a formidable force to spearhead various sectors of socio-economic development. The pride of a country lies on the youth and as the child day came to pass, there should be more effort to promote their activities that would make them reliable citizens instead of making them an exposure of wrong doing. It starts with you and me. Sit back and think aloud if what you have done now or in the past have impacted onto anyone you love or in the society you live. In my skull of thought this is not just a mere restoration of ideas and ideologies but facts as should be found and seen on the ground. They should remain intact not to be washed away by artificial flood which are temporary but cause much destruction at an appearance. Like any other situation children wish to be brought in a peaceful atmosphere although they don’t know or choose where to be born. I am praying for those children who will come out to be responsible citizens in future to be able to steer the affairs of the country soberly and responsibly so that the continuity of life is not disrupted by evil minds. They should stand above reproach and refuse to give room to wayward thinkers. That is when they will know and enjoy the fruit of their growth into maturity.  

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