2019 is gone, but it never went down quietly. A trail of sad and unfortunate circumstances was left behind; these mostly affected innocent minors unable to analyze the potential dangers posed by wrongdoers within a particular environmental circle. The saddest incident reported was the poisoning of about 30 children on Christmas Eve and the tragic death of five of those. When investigations were still ongoing by the timer, the person who poisoned the children was not identified. For whatever reason it happened, this was a bad and condemnable act only carried out by diabolical human beings. Another incident which ruined my festive holiday was an underage boy who suffered a snake bite just a day before Christmas when he was playing with fellow kids at a nearby borehole next to their home. Initially, the kids around him convinced him to believe it was a black aunt that bite the little innocent boy since they did not see the organism as it was already getting dark. Because of the simple logic and reasoning, he agreed so. The snake bite evidence was laid bare at night when the boy’s limb swelled to the point he could not walk, prompting the elders around to apply traditional herbs to save his situation. Fortunately, it worked. This doubled even a worst case scenario of a minor found dead in a septic tank. A report compiled by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that a child abducted on 27th October 2019 was released and reunited with the father this year. All these stories should teach parents and guardians one thing, that is that children should not be left unattended to and unguided, especially during big occasions where crime-committing opportunists are on the lookout to capitalize on every chance they get. This is the time things such as poisoning of kids sail in. Unless the situation on the ground is beyond what the parents can manage as per the IOM report where the mother of the child got killed prior to the abduction of the child, children must be protected from potential hazards.

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