Children fear military tanks

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

It is almost one month when two military tanks of the police department were deployed at Dr. John Garang’s Mausoleum along the ministries road. These tanks were deployed at the mausoleum on the 23rd April, 2017. The tanks are still there for what reason no one knows.

Last April, it was believed that these tanks and police personnel were deployed because there was a sign of demonstration, which was about to happened due to the delay of the employees’ salaries and the increase of US dollars against the South Sudanese Pounds across the country.

Since then, tensions remain high and the population is worrying about the matter of what is exactly taking place in Juba?

And, this made my son to ask frequent questions as to why these tanks are always there.

He usually asks me to explain to him the reason for the existence of the two tanks, when he returns home from school. It was not a one-day conversation; however it was a routine talk between him and me regarding the issue.

This is what he is always saying dad, why are the police tanks still there? What is the purpose of keeping them on that ground? Is there any problem?  I am afraid whenever I see those police tanks and the presence of the policemen, security and the army controlling those machines and the ministries. Indeed, these tanks are blocking the road for the general public to use, he stressed. We used to passed-by easily, but nowadays, we have to make a U-turn which in most cases delay our time to reach school early.

We are not in a guerrilla moment, where AK47 and other machines-guns such as tanks are always deployed in front-line or to protect the commanders around, however, we are in the capital city, which need us to think in an urbanite way. These tanks are causing  jump for human’s movement since they are deployed along the parliament and ministry road leading to the main centers.

My son always asked a lot of questions, and I began thinking about his genuine complains and those tanks too. He is curious of what is taking place in his surrounding?

He has logical understanding regarding the situation and that made me to be concerned about the situation. Not only my son was concerned about the deployment of these tanks and the policemen, the general public is also asking similar questions as to why these tanks are deployed there?

Whenever, you reach the mausoleum, the mere sight of the heavy machines guns deployed around gives a big sense of fear. You feel unconformable when reaching that ground these days.

Well, it is important for the Minister of Interior to command his officers kindly to take the two tanks to the police unit. In fact, prolonging these tanks is causing more panic in Juba city; and first of all, we are not in conflict within Juba, though there is crisis across the region.

We need sense of peace within our hearts and minds, but not to panic like people who are in war zone. Indeed, these tanks are supposed to be in the military barracks and not in public places. Please, respect the citizens’ rights and their opinions to create harmony between the police agents, other organized forces and their government by doing good things.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com

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