Editorial 5th June 2018

Indications that school going children in the country are yearning and eager to join institutions of learning cannot be doubted or ruled out going by the number released by the government for this year’s intake. It is recorded that school enrolment for this year had reached a record of 1.6 million pupils. This is what has been recorded. But, how about those who are not privileged under the current in-take system? They are wishing against the wishes that if only peace was restored many of them would be in school. This country is endowed with a number of natural resources which could be used for the education of the young one who are the future leaders. To prepare them into future disciplined and responsible citizens, there is immediate need to restore peace in every part of the country. We have continuously said that the domesticated peace process of National Dialogue should be given a maximum attention. It could be a recipe for permanent peace in the country as external talks were also being pursued. Education is the foundation of a Nation. A country with educated and elite players addresses its development agenda appropriately. This is what the country stand to gain if all school going children were having an upper hand to pursue and get better education in the local set-up. It should be coupled with the improvements of learning institutions across the country and the introduction of more related vocational training to help in jump starting the process of education for all from the grass-root. The need for proper acquisition of education should equally be extended to cover higher learning institutions with improved structures and conducive atmosphere. These children who are of school going age and who could be numbering more than a half of those already registered should be accorded the chance to pursue their future dreams through education but before all peace must be restored for them to go beyond the usual class.

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