Children are susceptible to vices

By Akol Arop Akol

Practices such as drinking, smoking, going to night clubs and taking drugs are dangerous to the young ones. Many times, I find school children smoking and drinking on the streets, and this keeps me wondering where they learned it from.

Due to their low experiences in life, everything seems good for them. And these slogans saying ‘’life is short, you live once and enjoy life before life enjoys you’’ are totally blind fooling them. They never know they are not magnificently tasting the sweetness of life but instead, swallowing indigestible poisonous food.

They are not even enjoying anything but the world is enjoying them by letting them drink, rob, fight and only end up mentally and physically harmed. Some of them keep telling the parents they ‘don’t care’ and that it’s their life. If not lack of empathetic minds, how did they come into this world?

They must be told. They must be made mindful not to betray their life supporters. They should not just view their backgrounds where they came from as local and useless. Who could they be to the world if they belong nowhere! It’s the role of elders to teach their children and give instructions on how to behave or act towards others in public. The reason of avoiding these malpractices is to avoid the young ones from being misled damagingly.

The hard part is responsibility of elders. Parents are quick in judgment. They may see a reckless or careless young person but instead of advising and showing the right way, they end up insulting which even encourage bad manners, because he or she knows that people have lost respect and trust already. How would they know whether parents are trying to do something correct or even envy of their lifestyles?

What these young children do today is related to comparison of modern and ancient times. Their conclusion is that, any elder trying to block them from what they are interested in is taken as a fool or cruel, that means he or she didn’t get that chance of life during their time. They are outdated with old fashioned-life. That’s how they are told.

Our grand people were not used to clubs, groups or overdosed kinds of dressing but they survived for long. They didn’t die simply because they didn’t do parties, groupings and swaging. Even they lived for long better than the generation of today.

Life expectancy has no probability now. Being used to loitering with jobless gangs who are hopeless and bankrupt only to go to attack and steal because they got no clean skill have prevented many from setting down to sort out the goals for their prosperous future.

However, due to over drinking and late clubbing, they end up fighting amongst themselves with metals and glasses. Some would be chopped dead, cut with knife or hit with thrown glasses. Where is life here? We need to take good responsibility of children. It is their right to live a better life with the basic needs but if not given to them, that is why they move on streets and get influenced to practice harmful activities.

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