Child mental health is key -expert tells parents

Mental health patient

By Bida Elly David

A mental health professional at the Juba Teaching Hospital (JTH) is urging parents to protect their children against tough situations to avoid mental health illness.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, a psychologist who is also a psychiatrist at JTH Fatima Darious, said most patients admitted with complicated mental illnesses have a history of prolonged suffering abuse and environmental hazards.

“Most mental illness cases we have in our department were generated from genetic backgrounds and family history as well as the surrounding that the young ones live,” Fatima said.

The health professional strongly urged parents not to let children get exposed to harmful substances and toxic drugs including opium; cocaine and Marijuana.

“Consumption of toxic drugs such as opium, cocaine and Marijuana generated from the surrounding have also contributed much towards mental complication to most young boys these days making it difficult for some parents to handle,” she said.

She said sometimes a mental health worker has a hard time handling violent patients who injure people and destroy properties which force workers to call the police intervention resulting in the arrest and detention of the patients which further complicate their recovery.

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