Child dies in Bentiu PoCs wildfire

By Peter Gatkuoth

At least one child was confirmed dead and three others injured in a wild fire that broke out at the Protection of Civilians site in Bentiu on Sunday.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Juba Monitor from Bentiu, Gatkuoth Gatgong said those who sustained injuries were receiving treatment at

Medicine San Frontier (MSF) hospital in the camp.

He said the cause of the fire has not been identified as residents were taken by surprise by a huge fire.

Nyachop Gatliah, a resident at the PoC said the people are left homeless as their properties all got burnt. He said most of them were sheltering along the streets.

“There was no help provided to fight the fire because the houses were made out of grass and that made wind to flow the fire to the other houses,’ Nyachop stated.

This is the second time Bentiu Protection of Civilian site has experienced wild fire outbreak.

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