Child abduction, cattle raiding threatens peaceful coexistence By Magot David Kuol

The issues of cattle raiding and child abduction by certain communities in the country will develop into a long term conflict among the communities. Some of our communities’ have made it a business. They abduct children from their neighboring tribes and sell them to their fellow tribe mate who have got no child but has got cows, in exchange for the abducted children. This business is said to have started way back in the first and Second World War, but it stopped since then by introducing international human rights law and treaties that regulated the conduct of people globally.

In this regard, child abduction and cattle raiding will not be stopped by only the abducting communities, but it require government intervention to impose the rule of Law rather than looking at it from a propaganda or political viewpoint, as some of us do term it. To me this act is a regional threat, not for a specific community that have suffered under it. It will be the concern of the government, because cattle raiding is everywhere in the country. However, it would become a source of threat in the region.

I urge the government to look into this matter and bring it to an end, especially the abduction of children, raiding of caws and loss of lives that always follow. Personally I don’t want this matter to be addressed by the international community as it is already being labeled as “crimes against humanity on the international perspective.”

Dear citizen, this Act is the concern of every tribe, where a community has an access to their land, we have to take that concern together and solve the issue because there is a saying that goes “Together we stand” meaning that if we all stand for peace and stop creating war among ourselves then we shall all enjoy peace in our land together.

What I do not like here in South Sudan is the way we address issues, whenever anything happens it is always referred to as the unknown gunmen have raided this or that village, even when we know whom these people are from. Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you, who are these unknown gunmen? Do we have in our locality where the criminals stay apart from where we are? Or do you want to tell us that there are no systems of local government where we are coming from that regulate the conduct of such act. Or, you want to tell us that, such criminals don’t have their own village chiefs, the Bomas, payam county authorities and members of parliament?  If at all these government official are there, why are they failing to solve such atrocities? Since they know that it is inhuman or do they assume that it is not embarrassing them in their respective roles? Do you want to tell us that it is the duty of the national government to restore law and order in your state? Is it not the mandate, of the local authorities at the state level to enforce law and order through police in order to protect the life and properties of local people?

Ideally there’s no reason why the local authorities would not participate at the state level try to search these robbers who are terrorizing the communities and bring them to book, rather than calling on national government to solve the problem. The national government can do its part, only if the local people and the neighboring tribes are not involved, then this peace is not inclusive.

Therefore, the stakeholders of the tribes who are suffering under this act have to involve the national government to solve the problem.  We should empower the local authorities, because they are the right people to address this insecurity.  They know the name of the criminals, their parents, villages, payam up to the county level and they also know who is behind them or supporting them. If we do that then the government will be in position to seek accountability, and responsibility of any crime committed through the local government authorities in different part of the country.

In Conclusion, citizens should stop these atrocities committed by unrefined communities, we have to be truthful when handling the national duties, and it is the role of the government to provide security to all. And I also appeal to all to cease from violence and solve issues amicably with clear position of the law of the country, because nobody is above the law except God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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