Chiefs, residents welcome community policing in Luri County

By Kidega Livingstone

Residents and community leaders of Gudele II (two) of Gurei of Luri county Jubek State have welcomed community policing program to boost security in the area.

The community policing program was initiated by the National Police Service in collaboration with Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and United Nations Mission in South Sudan police Units that would help police and community to share the information in order to fight criminal in the residential areas.

Speaking during the community policing event in Gurei on Saturday, Gurei East and West Head of Chief, Gabriel Tombe said the program is going to reduce the rates of committing crimes in the Gurei area because the community would be working hand in hand with the police to eradicate crimes.

“This programs is going to eradicate niggers’ activities in this area .This program is also going to boost security as well as maintaining peace in in the residential areas ,” said Chief Tombe.

“This program also will not be here alone but will start from Gudele one up to Luri mountain where our communities are residing,” he added.

He emphasized that chiefs in different places should come together to welcome the initiative and assist the police for instability in those places.

He said they have agreed to give open place for the establishment of the community policing Centre to help the community.

Susan Keji, a mother of four children told Juba Monitor that the community policing program was appreciated by the community members because of rampant cases of stealing and robbery in the area.

“We understood that this community policing would be our own, youth who will be recruited to a community police and that is a good idea because our own police will be able to identify the criminals in our area,” said Keji.

The Assistance Deputy Officer in the Criminal Department at Ministry of Interior, Gen. Justin Elia said the national police service with assistance from the people of Japan and United Nations Mission in South Sudan has put in place strategic plan to fight criminals.

“I was commissioner of police for Jubek State and I have seen how difficult it is to fight crimes in the state. Community was not working closely with the police and police were not friendly to the community,” said Elia.

“The issue of community policing started earlier and it took us years,” he added.

Elia appealed to the community and the local government for urgent offering of the places to construct the station because they were left with only one month for the project to end.

The Chief Representative of Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Shinya Tomonari said engagement between the police and the community was very crucial in building trust and relationship like this in Gurei and many other places in Juba .

“Today (Saturday) we have fulfilled the promise and Japanese International Cooperation Agency still stands firm to support the government and the people of South Sudan in achieving peace and security,” said Tomonari.

“Safety and security of the community is a responsibility of all of us. Therefore we must make sure that we build trust and confidence with our law enforcement agents such as the police so that crime cases are reported instantly and the police can respond to secure the victims easily,” he added.

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