Chiefs killed in Gok and Eastern Lakes

By Moses Gum Degur

Two Paramount Chiefs were killed early this week in separate incidences in Gok and Eastern Lakes States, an official said.

Kok Makur Lapiny of Duony County was killed by unidentified gunmen on Monday in Gok State, while Chief Abithou Majok Dhuor of Madbar County was also killed in what is termed as a revenge attack in Eastern Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Eastern Lakes State Information Minister, Abraham Majak Makur said the murder of the chief was a revenge attack. He disclosed that the incident was carried out by assailants who were supposedly drunk.

“It was on Monday when misunderstandings broke out between two men who were drinking alcohol in one of the suburbs. One of them, who had a gun, cocked it and shot his friend dead, this is how the whole incident began,” the minister explained.

“What led to the subsequent killing of the chief was the revenge attacked launched by the relatives of the first deceased victim,” Majak narrated. Minister Majak further said that the state government has condemned the killing of the chiefs in the strongest terms possible.

He said the government has exerted efforts in arresting the culprits, including the Area Paramount Chief, Mr. Akok Aweer Mabor and the County SPLM Secretary, who is also the brother of the Paramount Chief.

Paramount Chief Akok was accused of luring his subordinate to the assailant and Mabor Aweer Mabor the SPLM County Secretary was also arrested for obstruction of justice by trying to prevent the arrest of his brother who was amongst the suspects.

The two officials were detained by state authorities to answer charges that led to the death of the chief. Minister Majak said they have brought in the state under control since a platoon of joint military forces was sent to the area to arrest the culprits.

On his part, a member of Gok Community in Juba, Paul Malok Kuol said criminals must be behind the killing of the late Chief Kok Makur Lapiny, saying the late was killed on his way to Duony County in the evening hours.

He added that as a community member, he is saddened by the demise of a prominent chief in Duony County. “As a son of the area, it is very painful to always hear messages of killing in my state.  People must stop this act of criminality of killing innocent people always,” Malok urged.

He appealed to the national government to support states by deploying adequate police in the area in order to bring an end to random killings of chiefs and intellectuals. States in Lakes region have witnessed cycles of revenge killings, cattle raid and continuous inter- communal fighting for years.


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