Chiefs in Yei appeal for humanitarian assistance

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Head Chief of Tore Payam of Yei River County in central Equatoria State is calling on humanitarian organizations and government of national unity to work for permanent peace to address to the suffering of the citizens to rescue the vulnerable people in his Payam.

Tore Payam Chief, Alex Badi Soka explains that his Payam was cut off services since the commencement of the crisis in the area in 2016. Also, the important of services including education, health, and relief services were not reached to his people.

“Am calling on humanitarian organizations to come to the rescue of my people. We have been cut off from humanitarian services since the onset of the crisis in Yei in 2016. our children have not been going to school, whenever there are cases of serious sicknesses, we have to transport the patients up to Yei town which is very far for emergency cases with the challenge of transport means. I want to call on the revitalized government of national unity to work for genuine peace so that their suffering comes to an end,” appeals chief Alex.

Charles Anyika Zacchaeus disclosed Ombasi market started operations but that the compound requires clearance and maintenance.

He regrets that the civilian population still hides deep in the bushes because of the fear of insecurity.

Charles requested for cooperation between the civilians and the organized forces.

“My appeal to the government is that the government should support the soldiers by supplying food on timely bases to reduce the issues of looting civilian properties by force. Ombasi, market started operating but the compound is very small and need to be cleared to accommodate many people. There are a lot of people coming to ombasi on market days but most of them are still hiding deep in the bushes because of the fear. Many people come to Ombasi especially from the side of Lata nyagiriba up to apuku, they all come to the market. since then up to now still a lot of bad things continue to happen to the civilians. soldiers still ask for food, so the people are tired because all these Years, the civilians have been feeding the forces. The government should bring enough food to the soldiers so that they avoid looting civilian properties,” request the head chief.

Many citizens of Yei river county left the country in 2016 because of the violent conflict to seek for refugee in the neighboring countries while others were internally displaced.

With the security improvement in the area, some of the citizens who took refuge in Uganda and congo are voluntarily returning back to the country.

Some of those whose properties were destroyed during the conflict became more vulnerable since no assistance is given to them after returning from the camps.

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