Chiefs detained for failing to handover culprits

By Mabor Riak Magok

Three Executive Chiefs of Gony, and Panyon sections have been detained on Tuesday by police in Lakes State for failing their obligations to handover the suspects.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Police Chief Inspector Brig. Gen. Majak Alapayo Ador said the three chiefs have been detained for failings to handover culprits who caused violence between farmers of Cuei-adukan village and cattle keepers last week.

“The three Chiefs are briefly detained by police until culprits or suspects who caused cattle keepers and farmers conflict in area of Cuei-adukan village are brought to book,’’ said Alapayo.

He said, the state government is in control of the security situations in the areas of Cuei-adukan, Pacong and Panawac and the general situations is calm.

“The government of Lakes State is now dispatching a join organized forces to be deployed in Cuei-adukan, Pacong and Panawac. Currently the situations in the state is relatively calmed and stables,’’ said Alapayo.

Gen. Alapayo appeals to the chiefs, farmers and cattle keepers to speed up the process of bringing suspects such that they are sent to the court for trials.

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