Chief’s Death should reconcile S. Sudanese- President Kiir

By Mandela Nelson Denis
The death of Denis Daramolo Fundi the former Chief of Jubek state C. Court should reconcile the people of South Sudan, President Salva Kiir Mayardit said yesterday while mourning the deceased at St. Theresa’s Cathedral, Kator Parish.
The prayer was witnessed by heavy rains which the President said was a traditional sign of blessings.
“Because of his wide heart, this heavy rain is not for nothing, we have it in our tradition it is a sign of blessings and may his departure reconcile the people of South Sudan so that we can live in peace,” said the President.
“The loss is not only for the family alone, it is our loss, all of us. People must have strength, the family and the children needs encouragement,” Kiir told the mourners.
The President further explained that the late chief was “a friend, a very lovely father and a national born in South Sudan.”
President Kiir described the late as “a man of peace and good gesture” revealing that he always thanked the late each time they met.
His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro, the Arch Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba who presided over the mass said people should not be serious about things of life except Jesus.
“I want all of you to go to heaven, you have to do good things and leave bad things for the bad,” said Bishop Loro.
He described the late as a man of faith that always prayed and was constructing a church.
The bishop added that the next chief must finish construction of the church that the late started.
The late Paramount Chief who passed away on Wednesday last week is survived with fifteen children and three wives.
Final prayers for the soul of the late Paramount Chief Denis Daramolo is expected to take place on the coming Saturday.
Late Daramolo was born on the 1st, of January, 1947 and died on 16th of August, 2017; the burial took place in Somba Luri area.

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