Chiefs Council rejects joining Republican party

South Sudan Council of Chiefs has strongly rejected joining the newly formed Republican Party amid call for change in country leadership.

This was disclosed when the chairperson of the Republican Party Lewis Anei Madut-Kuendit met with South Sudan Chiefs’ Council to explain reasons why he left SPLM and formed a new party.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Deng Macham Angui Chiefs Council President said they are not politicians such that they can join a party nor involve in politics.

He said chiefs of South Sudan have a role to play and that is only to work for peace, unity and development, but cannot be members of a certain party.

“We would like to give Republican Party our opinion and decline to be partners or members of newly forced party. We are for peace, unity and development, but cannot join your party as are we not politicians”, Chief Macham said.

Macham believed that all chiefs are to work serving the interest of the people of South Sudan is to bring peace and unity for all tribes in the country.

“Our objective is peace, unity and development. We don’t join political party but only intervene when there is problem between parties and work to reconcile them for the sake of peace”, he added.

He said South Sudan chief Council cannot accept any influence from politicians to join their party and that the council will only listen to politicians during election times.

Macham called on new political parties not to rush to chiefs to seek political support for the purpose of serving their interest.

James Makoi Ajuong, a chief representing Western Lakes state, said they are not against any party, but should not be used by politicians to register under their party.

He said chiefs are not joining any political party, but they should only serve under the incumbent leadership of the country.

We are for all the people, and work for peace for all citizens of the country without division or discrimination, he said.

He added if there could be any political change in the country as demanded by some politicians then it should wait for time of the election campaign.

On his side James Duop Gatluak representing Fangak state questioned the rationality in which the Republican Party leader described SPLM as failed since he was a member previously.

He said they should not listen to anybody talking against the SPLM since all are part and partial of all the problems across the country.

He said that the SPLM is a leading party bringing all these suffering and mess across the country.

He urged the politicians to stop calling the chiefs to listen to their wrong agenda that may bring chaos to the people.

South Sudan Council of Chiefs released the statement after Republican Party leader asked them to join his party in seeking a political change in the country’s leadership peacefully and democratically.

By Moses Gum Degur

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