Chiefs condemns revenge killing

Western Lakes state suspected armed youth killed Maror Jongkuc in Akor village after conclusion of a 2-day peace conference under the auspice of Governor Matur Chut in Rumbek town.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Executive Chief of Akok section of Rup community, Madol Mading Maguar said the killing occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

“Gony armed youth continue killing, looting properties and raiding cattle in Ror-nhom village despite the huge deployment of security forces in the state,” Mading said.

Chief Mading urged the Government of Western Lakes state to report the violation of the resolutions of the 2-day peace conference chaired by the Governor of Western Lakes state very serious and speed up with the disarmament of armed youth in the state before any other incident.

“We have realized that Gony armed youth are not respecting the governor or otherwise it is the Governor, Matur Chut who is using this peace conference as a ploy for the armed youth to get rid of us and our properties,” he said.

He said the conference which started on Saturday ended on Monday by signing more than 10 resolutions which includes disarmament and restrain from further revenge killing while the armed youth continue to kill people who are in their own farms during cultivation, this must be observed well by neutral forces deployed in the state.

“We are warned by the governor that whoever violates and continue with revenge killing or resist to hand over his/her gun to the army during the disarmament process must face full force and punishment and I would be surprised if the Governor turns a blind eye in addressing these violations,” he said.

Last month, Rup Youth Union (RYU) in an Open letter to President Salva Kiir Mayardit accused the Governor, state commissioner of police and Minister of Local government and law enforcement of working in a coalition to dismantle Rup community or make them homeless without owning wealth and cattle in the state.

The letter also accused the Governor and brigade Commander of distributing bullets to their own relatives under the pretext of fighting former chief of SPLA General, Paul Malong Awan.

The Minister of Local government and Law Enforcement agency, Abraham Mayen Kuc Adhil said that he did not receive any report regarding the incident since Tuesday.

“I would have confirmed this from the commissioner of Malek County, but unfortunately the commissioner has been relieved on Tuesday, otherwise there is no report that has reached my office about a person killed in Ror-nhom,” Adhil said.

The government of South Sudan this week deployed a huge security force in Rumbek to disarm and return raided cattle in both sides to their rightful owners after Intra-communal fighting between Rup and Pakam last week that claimed lives of more than 30 people in Western Lakes state.

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