Chiefs call on public to stop labelling others as rebels

By Hassan Arun

Paramount Chief of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State, appealed to the public, to stop accusing innocent people as rebels.

Joseph Brown Lo mose alleged that many people in the county were falsely accused as rebels.

He called for an end to the allegations because it creates conflicts between civilians and the security organs.

“In the recent days, there are cases of people accused of being rebels, possessing guns or being their agents. Three days ago, we received people who were brought us to be supporters of rebels and we received them and are at their homes now. I want to advise the public to desist from false accusation because it brings misunderstanding between military and the civilians. Let  people who are involved in such crimes be the ones arrested and punished for the crime they committed but don’t falsely accuse anyone for what he or she has not done. There was also one civilian who was arrested for the same incident in Kejiko and taken to the army barracks but we together with the relatives went to the barracks and he was released, “testified the paramount chief.

Brown called on the civil population to follow cases of their beloved ones who have fallen victims of the accusation, through his office.

He testifies that the civil military relation has dramatically improved since July as no arrest of civilians was reported.

The paramount chief encouraged the public especially those who had joined the rebellion movement to report themselves to the government such that they are known and protected.

“What I know is that our relationship with the military in the town has dramatically improved since July. We understand each other as we have no reports of people arrested and killed. People should not only cry without any report, if a civilian is arrested report to the authority so that follow up is done with the relevant authority, “advised Joseph.

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