Chiefs arrested over demise of sub-chief in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Two chiefs have been arrested for killing a sub-Chief in Rumbek of Lakes States last week Friday.

The accused were arrested by members of the peaceful disarmament committee, Chief Malek Aguet said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, the Executive Chief Malek Aguet confirmed the arrest on phone while in police custody in Rumbek Central County.

“Two Chiefs from Beer section have been ordered by peaceful disarmament committee for arrests. Now Mawat Mangar Gurke and myself are in police custody over the alleged murder of sub-chief Marur Abiar and Kaman Rual from Panyar section,” said Sultan Aguet.

Malek Aguet denies any connection of his people in the killing of sub-chief Marur Abiar and Kaman Rual.

“Our people didn’t kill sub-chief Marur Abiar and Kaman Rual. Whoever claimed it, it was Beer section. They should come forward, this allegations is not true,’’ he said.

Aguet said they would remain in police custody until the suspect who killed Chief Marur Abiar and Kaman Rual are found and brought to book for investigation by the committee.

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