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Chief warn leaders not to be used as political pawns

Paramount chief James Bakindo

By Baraka John

A paramount Chief in Maridi County has strongly warned politicians of Maridi to stop considering traditional rulers as tools for implementing their political pawns.

James Bakindo, said some politicians in Maridi County and Western Equatoria often approach traditional rulers seeking for their intervention to convenience community members to accept what he termed bad politics of construction, disunity and segregation.

“as traditional leaders, I will not accept any politician to use communities as a leader to achieve their goals, We are not going to tolerate this anymore, you politicians stop inviting chiefs in your houses to discuss ways to implement your hidden agendas. What our community needs now is a true leader who can deliver the services that they want. The community doesn’t want a politician who talk of the past. We the chiefs are ready to stand with any political leader who does what community want.” Bakindo stated

He added that he urged all politicians of Western Equatoria State to leave aside their differences and unite to pave way for peace and development in the state.

He warned politicians who are not in power to respect those in power and guide them to deliver services the community wants.

“Please, you our politicians, you know that there is time for everything, whoever is in power please respect him or her because its his time, leave him to rule your time will also come”. Bakindo urged

The Maridi paramount chief, however, called on politicians play politics of service delivery but not for destruction, killings and hat-rate.

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