Chief decries access to clean water in Kworijik

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Chief and youth leaders in Kworijik area of Luri County of Central Equatoria State have decried access to clean water as residents depend on running water from the stream. 

Though the area constitutes of over 5,000 people, the residents lack primary health care centers, schools and boreholes.

The area is approximately 3 kilometers away from Juba being North East of Bilpham along Juba – Rumbek road.  

Daniel Arop Mariano, the acting Chief of the vicinity told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview on Sunday that the population there was just depending on contaminated water for the last years.

“On behalf of the civilians in Kworijik, we have a challenge of water. Completely, we don’t have boreholes. We just drink from the watercourse,” he narrated.

“And this water we are drinking is contaminated, for example cases of typhoid and other diseases are now on rise now due to this unclean water,” Mariano added.

The Chief said children were experiencing severe cases of illness given the wash status of the area.

He appealed to the government to answer the needs of the people there since the area is left in isolation.

“These civilians are under the government and the government can help them when there is a need. So I really appealed to the government and other well wishers to solve our challenges,” Mariano stated.

Mariano said other challenges in the village were poor roads connecting the area to Juba as the poor road was sometimes flooded during rain. 

He said the civil population was eager to hear from the government and agencies.

James Maluk, a youth representative said lack of boreholes was a serious problem that needs urgent intervention to rescue the locals.

“Let the government help us with water even if only one borehole so that children do not go far to fetch water especially in the streams,” he said.

Mr. Maluk revealed the youth were now engaging in farming since they were no social works in the village.

James Thon, Program Officer at Okay Africa Foundation (OAF) admits the locals were really suffering due to the aforesaid challenges.

“These people are part of Juba although they are 3 kilometers away from the town. I was sad, shocked and concerned when I got to know about their challenges,”  

Mr. Thon called on the well wishers, partners and government to ensure that these people were assisted urgently.

As a part of supporting Kworojik wash needs, Okay Africa Foundation distributed wash items to them to support their hygiene needs during coronavirus pandemic. These include soaps and wash facilities.

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