Cheers to triplets’ mothers in Kapoeta

Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

By Elia Joseph Loful (Guest)

It is yet good news to hear that two mothers had given birth to triplets in Kapoeta Eastern Equatoria State. This is a gift from God the Almighty that everyone should appreciate. We may not only extend an appreciation but we should likewise extend some support to them. This will help cater for the needs of the new babies. The children therein are great contribution to the country of which any well-wisher is supposed to offer some tangible support. The angles (babies) will add to the lost population in the country. I think God is gracious by creating several beings at once, which sometimes take time to receive. This year seems to be a blessing season for South Sudan. This year in April a woman at her twenties in Rumbek Lakes State delivered quadruplets and later after, another one in Cueibet from the same State gave birth to triplets. As a result of these many people turned up to contribute to support the two families. As if that was not enough the matter as well prompted the head of state President Kiir to contribute SSP 2 million to help the family respond to the needs of the kids. Other institutions including civil society organization members also gave out what they can afford. “He who gives more receives much and it is blessed to give than to receive.”

When there is a gateway of blessing it is not a one person’s gain but a glare for everyone around. Even at this juncture, let this not be upon the civil society members alone.  Let there be cooperation as citizens of one nation to offer at least whatever little help is there at our disposal to extend it the two mothers in Kapoeta nursing their babies. Let’s all stand up to mind about one another whenever uncommon circumstances happen to anyone among us in the society. When it comes to humanity, all hands should join in order to avert the situation which one person may not be in position to manage. Though some cultures in African societies have negative attitude towards having twins and forth, then that should not be the case, because no one knows why it is bound to occur the way it is to be. God is the creator and thus nobody should blame another. The Creator knows why he created things to happen the way we did not expect. 

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