By Akol Arop Akol

The Honorable Minister of General Education Awut Deng Achuil worked hard even during the pandemic and recently announced that the Primary Eight Candidates will sit for their final examinations on date 14th February 2022 which is good news for parents to see their children leaving the eight years’ level and move to secondary. But it is also bad news that gives pressure to the candidates because they know things would be tough this time.

There are also other groups of students who don’t attend classes or even read and when examinations are near, they start shivering and searching for past papers as well as leaked out papers that they get from streets, social media and dealers.

The culture of leaking out examinations indeed has been going on for years and still going on though minimized. One could be wondering how possible it is for documents to be screenshot and shared on social media yet the ministry has the capacity to keep them saved.

We count it as a result of lack of patriotism and crisis which has affected almost everyone and especially teachers. We could say that cheating of the past examinations was a strong dealership and coordination between unfaithful officers and teachers together with their students. The cheating made many to pass but others failed because of having no connections or being given wrong papers.  Everyone has heard stories or witnesses of this repeated mess.

Hon. Awut has been trying her best to make sure her leadership becomes different from other past leaderships, but she still faces the same challenges.

Former Minister, Deng Deng Hoc also did his best but among the challenges, they experienced included cheating of examinations, delay of salary for teachers which encouraged strikes and poor learning environment for children which at the end prevented some of them not to sit.

Now the candidates are near to start and there are some dealers who would have access to examinations or they just get past papers to edit dates and sell them expensively in order to generate money. The Minister and her team should do their best to make the candidates sit and answer what they know instead of cheating and getting promoted to secondary. If they pass by cheating, they will continue with the same spirit up to secondary and University. We have to make sure that education has a value and positive impacts for the young generation.

Corruption, Poverty, illiteracy, conflict of ethnicity among other factors preventing South Sudan from developing will only be addressed with a help of transformative education, that’s why these young ones should not be allowed to cheat.

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