Charity organization conducts awareness on its services in Bor

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

ATAKA HUB South Sudan, a Charity based organization operating in Bor town of Jonglei State conducted an awareness session over the weekend aimed at educating locals on its services as it gears towards helping vulnerable people.

The organization drew over 30 different participants that comprise of State’s stakeholders, youth group and women association representatives respectively during the meeting.   

Bior Ajang Garang, ATAKA HUB South Sudan Executive Director, said that the meeting was meant to aware residents of Bor on their charity services.

“We were trying to inform the community about our project with BCH South Sudan and BCH itself. If we talk about BCH, then it is Bit Coin Cash. BCH is a crystal currency that we used to support people in the community,” he explained. 

According to the Executive Director, the organization has been supporting the feeding program and other donations for most disadvantaged people in Bor town since the project commenced early this year.

“This program is not like World Food but it is designed to help those who are helpless in the community. What we do is that we go in the community, try to figure out the most affected and then support them through various donations,” Garang stated.

He said that the role of the participants who attended the meet up gathering would be critical in acting as messengers of the organization to the community.

“The participants are going to be our ambassadors as an organization. As ATAK HUB alone, we do not know more about the people suffering in the society, so the community people know who is really vulnerable and who is not vulnerable for our support,” Garang explained.

“So this was why we invited them and have this kind of review for them to know what we do and how they should help us (ATAKA HUB) to find this helpless people in the community for support,” he added.

According to him, it has been so difficult for the organization to access most vulnerable people to support.   

The Executive Director stated that his organization is helping over 200 orphans at Mary Land Orphanage School in Bor. Other 45 old age and widows consisting of 30 windows and 14 old age in Bor town as well as 40 orphans at Blessed Home Orphanage in Bor.

Mr. Garang encouraged the people of South Sudan to support the community regardless of challenges on the ground.

He said that they were working hard to see how they increase the number in order to impact the communities.

Gai Tong Aroffe, the Program at ATAKA HUB South Sudan stated it was vital to highlight the community on the operation of the Bit Coin services since it helps the community.

“It assist the most vulnerable especially the widows, orphans and the street children as well as schools,” 

The charity support is being uplifted by BCH support (Bit Coin) and its BCH South Sudan.

ATAKA HUB South Sudan stands for Accessing Tech, Advocacy and Knowledge for All.

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