Chapter five implementation remains a challenge-Netherlands

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to South Sudan Janet Alberda said full implementation of Chapter five of the peace agreement still remains a big challenge in the country.

“South Sudan needs concrete steps towards the full implementation of Chapter five in order to pave road to sustainable peace in the country,” Alberda said.

She said chapter five of the Revitalized Peace Agreement was all about transitional justice setting up Commission of Truth, Reconciliation and Healing.

Ambassador Alberda was speaking in an event organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in collaboration with School of Law Oratory Club to celebrate the international human rights day last Friday.

She added that Chapter five of the Revitalized Peace Agreement calls for reconciliation which she said was the only road to sustainable peace in South Sudan.

The diplomat urged the leaders to take far steps and including the setting up of a real reconciliation as an important aspect to accountability.

“Despite slow progress, in these past 15 months they have seen great examples of individuals and communities reconciling and healing themselves,” Ambassador Alberda stressed.

Merekaje Lorna, the Secretary General for South Sudan Democratic Engagement Monitoring and Observation program (SsuDEMOP) said it was a collective responsibility for everyone to monitor the human rights violations in the country.

She said in order for one to understand his or her rights, people need to be vigilant and know their rights.

“Rights are never given, and rights are demanded, therefore you cannot demand what you do not know. It is the reason for South Sudanese to focus on awareness creation to make sure that each and everybody knows about their rights,” Ms. Lorna said.

“So that together we continue to demand for those rights and have the kind of environment that is conducive for everyone.”

Ms. Lorna stressed that the said road to peace is a process, adding every little things people do were the ones that would take the country to sustainable peace.

She explained that healing and reconciliation in this country would not just happen through the signed agreements but the engagement of everybody.

Deng Kur Mading Chairperson of School of Law Oratory Club (SLOC) extended his gratitude and appreciation to the Kingdom of Netherland Embassy for supporting the students in organizing such an educative event.

He said such events would help in the transformation and the perceptions of students towards the human rights in the country.

“There are a lot of serious human right challenges, we are facing as a country not only against the minority groups like women, children and disabled people  but generally throughout the country that needs to be addressed,” said Mading.

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