Chaplains in organized forces trained on responsibility

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The Bureau of Religious Affairs has urged Chaplains under the organized forces to carry Bible, not guns.

The call was made yesterday during a one day training organized by the Bureau of Religious Affairs, Favour Africa and Far Reaching Ministers under the theme “Disarm the Hearts and Minds to Silence the Guns.”

Bureau of Religious Affairs Director Moses Telar Cindut said they wanted to find as chaplains in the army whether they have quality as guiding principles since their formation in 1997.

He said it was also important to find out whether there was any policy guiding the chaplains.

“We want to make clarification because we are wondering whether we are pastors. Where do we start from and where to go? It is very important that we have to make very clear way out on how to transform as chaplains,” he asserted.

He added that in 2012 they put down strategy plan of Bureau of Religious Affairs.

Telar said peace is in the Bible and not around the corner as it has always been said by some people.

“As I speak now we are going to address the issue of peace by taking the Bible as a core for peace. We are not going to search for peace in Addis or Kampala we have to come back and we shall get peace here,” he said.

South Sudan People’s Defense Force Chaplain Representative, Peter Akech Achol said chaplain is technical unit in the military all over the world.

“As I speak now South Sudan People’s Defense Force chaplaincy unit now has parade of more than 2000 some are trained like Kaleabu, Kuo and Yeso including frontline. We plan to deploy chaplain in long mission and short mission so that to avoid defilement, random killing and looting,” Akech said.

The workshop was attended by different chaplains from organized forces including South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF), South Sudan Police Services (SSPS) and South Sudan Wild Life Services (SSWS)

The SSPDF chaplain was established by new the Sudan Council of Churches during the struggle in Kajiko on July 1997.

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