Changson urges citizens to realize peace

By:  Peter Gatkuoth

The Deputy Chairperson of the National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) has called on South Sudanese and the leaders to realize the importance of peace.

Addressing a congregation at the Presbyterian Church on Christmas eve, Gabriel Changson Chang said it was only peace that would make South Sudanese to come together to celebrate Christmas.

“It is only peace that will take us to celebrate every year, every time together, we expect in the next transition that our refugees and internally displaced persons join us in this celebration. There is no way for them to come out unless we make peace a reality,” Changson said.

“We cannot have leaders without people and we cannot have people without leaders which means all of us can join hands and make sure that in South Sudan we must live in peace and hope so that the future generation to come is secure,” he stressed.

Changson appealed to Church leaders across the country to continue praying for peace to give them the strength to tell the truth.

The leaders and South Sudanese must have faith, if it is wrong it must be said it is wrong and if it is right it must be said it is right,” he said.

“We should not condone things that will even destroy ourselves because it may curse you. We are all one in our Christ Jesus our Lord let us also be one as citizens of South Sudan and we are one in Jesus Christ,” Changson told the congregation.

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