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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

In life have you become a victim of yourself on self-coined errand or collectively planned impossible mission which would be like the book l once read titled Mission to Kala by Mongo Beti rated as one of the Classic African Writing. I would love to be told about this topic. As my world mingles in the new technology, one of my friends in the new technology world, Joseph called me to break the good news that they had achieved after working on it for some time. The introduction mobile money had taken the world with a wave and where Kenya’s m-pesa was thinking to be ahead of others, this country was not left behind with the coming into being with m-Gurush mobile money transfer. This is not what my friend called me for. He was telling me that m-Gurush was going places as now one could use the mobile money transfer anywhere any time to send money across the region, to buy items in designated stores and fuel stations and more recently to pay electricity bill to JEDCO through the just concluded deal between the two companies. I was becoming more and more impressed by the revelation and l remember one time when my madam and I were stranded somewhere in Nairobi with our SSP in the phone, we just made one call to m-Gurush head office in Juba and what followed we can only thank God and the management of m-Gurush because l remained sound and liquid with Mama smiling to the dinner-point. What l am saying is that we must appreciate and accept changes when they come, particularly those coming for the good of the general public. Imagine now one does not need to go out at night looking for airtime as long as one has the line that deals with m-Gurush. We are sometime having hard skull of thought but we must accept change when it comes with positive intention. Some of us do not need to worry sending money as long as it is one of the currencies being used in the region and that of the USD. I am seeing a positive competition of mobile money in the region very soon. For me and myself, l am wishing them progressive growth that is aimed at turning the country’s economy in the right direction. I am sure others will borrow leaf todo what is better, the progress and sole purpose of making every part in the country grow and make lives better. It is easy to reach your loved one through this money mobile system anywhere in the country. For me l have enjoyed the services and l know what l am talking about. Why don’t you come home and do the same. It is convenient and time saving. Joseph and his team have done more for the people of this country and remain knowing that as you climb-up build firm foundation which is unshakable. Tell other within your team and those working closely that success is inevitable

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