Editorial and commentary


The truth is that every change must come at a cost. It is therefore not strange that there are those who will blame and those who will praise the action being taken by the Juba City Council administration to clean the city and put things to order. Not all will take changes with clean and whole heart. Some will politicize the move while others will find all reasons to inject what may not even be necessary. This is the world we live in. The demolition of some parts of Konyo Konyo market and the on-going exercise is meant to bring sanity and order to the city residents. It is as a result of hue and cry of impending dangers posed by the prevailing situation in the capital centre. The truth is, the action by the council is much overdue and should have been carried out like yesteryear. There have been some laxities in articulating open administration meant for the good of the residents with trial and era being applied instead of consolidated action to root out the ills and rots. Somewhere from City Hall, there are reports that those who will be and have been affected by the demolition exercise were still have a chance to apply and be allocated demarcated and orderly areas of operation not everywhere as it has been the case before. This option should be taken but the applicants must be watchful since there are a number of conmen and con-women who are on the loose preying on the unsuspecting catch. The City Council challenges are not any far from other national norms. I am thinking of when the new revitalized government will assume office. There are going to be a lot of changes and there are many who are spending sleepless night to see how they will overcome the impede soon to be faced by them. It is a reality that only a certain number of people can fit a certain set up of public offices. This case should be looked into and development in the informal sector encouraged. The informal sector however should be able to abide with the laws and regulations covering their existence not disorderly as has been an eyesore in the past council administration. I am contented that a lot can be achieved with orderly administration in every institution which deals with public service delivery. I am one of those skulls of thought who believes in orderly management of important matters of public interest. It would be fair to let the council do the work but they must be told that they have to do it with respect to human dignity and the rule of law. There should be no iota of doubt in whatever is being done as long as it is within the laws of the country. Change comes with a cost.

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