South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture last week launched a programme to award the best performing business companies in the country. They have equally categorized the awards in selected sections. This is a move good for promoting and ensuring the firms do their work accordingly and recognized for that. In normal business atmosphere the chamber could have stood accused because this is one of their mandates to help in ensuring to encourage business growth. It is better late than never because the last similar award ceremony was held almost five years ago and since then nothing has taken place. This is also to remind the business community to be on their toes as they compete for national and international recognition. Such events encourage both local and international investors that it was peaceful to invest in the country and gain recognition from relevant sectors. A country can only grow when business growth is realized towards the generation of revenue. There must be firm and orderly play without turning face to under-dealings. Therefore, the Chamber has come out at the right time to impact and plant seeds of peaceful trust in the business sector and the country as a whole. The Chamber has taken up the task, what is needed is the success of the award winning without discrimination or favour. There have been many events like this but some ended up being favour and discrimination oriented. Judges who will preside and oversee the final outcome should be people with dignity and clear background. Their composition should in the public domain to avoid rumours, gossip and hearsay which are common with such events. More companies from the business community should come out to register to participate in this event. It will help demonstrate the actual cause that the Chamber has and still have for the growth of their businesses.

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