Chamber seeks dialogue to resolve Konyokonyo plots dispute

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce Central Equtoria state, Robert Pitia Francis has appealed for dialogue between South Sudan Islamic Council and Juba City Council.

While meeting the Islamic council members in Juba, Pitia revealed that dialogue is the best way of solving any problem in the community for the sake of South Sudan’s development.

“The consultative meeting with the Islamic council was fruitful and we discussed how the problems between the two parties can be solved peacefully, so that business can go without any interference”, said Pitia.

He told the press that the immediate meeting was organized to address heavy responsibilities faced by some traders in Konyo-Konyo.

“We do not want our traders in Konyo-konyo to be affected because they have families to take care of, we call upon the Islamic Council to dialogue with the government in order to solve the problems of responsibilities peacefully,” Pitia said.

It is believed that there has been wrangle between South Sudan Islamic Council and Juba City Council over the ownership of some plots in Konyo-Konyo Market.

The plots which are being disputed in Konyo –Konyo are alleged to have been acquired by Islamic Council in the 1970s.

It is also alleged that both the Islamic Council and Juba City Council are collecting ground rent from the traders in the affected plots hence imposing heavily on the traders.

According to Pitta the disputed plots are at the current Konyo-Konyo Bus Park Terminal and another plot inside Konyo-Konyo Market.

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