Chamber of commerce’s self-proclaimed chair detained

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The proclaimed chairperson of Chamber of commerce Dut Dut Yel has been detained by a group of people believed to be security organs and by then his whereabouts was not known.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Simon Maluk Makoi, the former information secretary of chamber of commerce, said that the proclaimed chairperson of Commerce whereabout was unknown since his arrest on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday, Dut Dut Yel was arrested by people who said to be national security organs and this has nothing to do with other things but the chamber of commerce problem,” Makoi said.

He also added that he was calling upon the Presidentto come for the rescue of the situation at Chamber of commerce.

“Am calling on his excellency the president to come and rescue the situation by releasing Dut Dut Yel so that the elections can be done within the Chamber of commerce since for years has finished, “he added.

However, when contacted, the Deputy Police spokesperson James Dak, said that he was not aware.

South Sudan National Chamber of commerce led by Benjamin Bol Mel has disowned the group led by Dut Dut Yel who has since declared himself the legitimate Leader of the business lobby group in the country.

On 24th October, Yel and Jalal Abdallah Doka declared themselves as caretaker chairperson and secretary general respectively of the South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce.

The group claimed that the general assembly passed a vote of no confidence against the Leadership of Benjamin Bol Mel whom they accused of overstaying in the office without elections.

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