Chamber of Commerce to take corrupt officials to court

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture has promised to take corrupt officials court who for misuse of public fund.

Speaking to the Press yesterday, the Chairperson Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Robert Pitia said the Chamber of Commerce will conduct election within this month to address the conflict between the two rivalling groups.

“We found some corrupt officials within the State Chamber of Commerce taking shops in Konyo-konyo for themselves. These shops are supposed to be for traders including the place that was allocated for the chamber’s office that they had also distributed for themselves as well as Custom and Jebel markets because people who are in Custom are also affected because some of them will not get their places,”

He added that Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce role was to advocate, protect and promote business and deliver services to citizens.

“We want to fight multi-practices. When I dissolved the council last week and appointed the acting Chairperson in market, they got fear because some of them know that there was accountability, they just run to military by accusing me that I am a rebel which is not true, the army came, the arrested me for some hours and I was released the same day after the intervention of South Sudan Chamber of commerce as well the state government,”

He revealed that the group sold one vehicle out and other two vehicles are still remaining because they want to own these vehicles for themselves but the good thing is that security organs have got all the documents.

“We found that there was multi-practice in Juba city office of Chamber of commerce, they overstayed for period of nine years since 2011. We have decided as chamber of commerce with consultation of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Central Equatoria to dissolve the office,”

Martin Kamba Thomas, one of the traders who was affected in 2019 at Konyo-konyo market said the shops people were talking about are in Konyo-konyo market.

“We are the owners, we are the founding fathers but it happened in 2011 when we are told to move those shops to be organized but in 2019 we saw that the plan had changed. We who are supposed to be the owners are out from the place and the area was given to others,”

He added that their places were taken by Juba city Kator block.

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