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Chamber of commerce meets commissioners over lands

By Fatuma Asha Ali

Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce yesterday met the two commissioners of Yei and Lainya County to discuss matters regarding allocation of land for Agro-Business in the two Counties.

Speaking to juba monitor yesterday, the chairperson for Central Equatoria state chamber of commerce Mr Robert Pitia said, the two commissioners welcomed the idea but consultations with the local chief needed to be carried such that the possibility to allocate the land became simpler.

“Upon the issue of land, we came to contact with the commissioners to provide for the establishment of the agro-business. They promised that they have to meet with their chiefs so that they allocate the land officially since it belongs to the community,” he said.

Quoting the commissioners, Robert reiterated that the commissioners decided to first meet the chiefs as a legal step to approve the allocation of the land.

“The commissioners said, they were going to ask the communities through the chiefs to assign them to approve so that the land becomes legal for us to do our work and for other policies that can help south Sudanese nationals who also want to do agriculture,” he said.

Furthermore, Pitia underscored that there were series of registered projects that would be put in place to ensure that trading operate smoothly.

“A lot of Challenges facing, there are road blocks, heavy taxation that is hindering their business and the main is cost of transportation of bring good from Juba or Uganda, these are the some of the challenges these counties are facing.”

However, he echoed that the community also raised number of burning issues hindering development in the two Counties.

“The communities raised an issue regarding theirsecurity.  Time they want to cultivate; they have been exempted to go to some places because of risk.  We asked their authority to coordinate among themselves and urged the government to provide them with security to enable them cultivate’’ He said

In continuation, Pitia promised to provide the community with tools to enable them practice their agricultural activities.

“We have promised to provide the community with agricultural tools and pledged that the state and the national governments will talk with the rebels so that they can come and dialogue and restore peace.  At the end of the day, it is the community,” he underscored.

Pitia finally echoed that the commissioners promised to give them a store and agricultural investment area through the chiefs.

“We requested for place for stores and commissioner of Yei promised to give a space for the stores and investment,” he concluded

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