Chamber of commerce launches general cleaning of airport

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce yesterday launched a campaign to clean Juba International Airport for six months.

During the launch, the Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce Ladu Lokak said there is need to maintain the airport clean because it reflects the image of South Sudan.

He said they will clean in and around the airport so that it becomes attractive to everyone.

“There are so many stores that are not being used for some years and there are buildings, which are dirty and they need to be cleaned,” he said.

He thanked the Ministry of Transport and Plaza Zunubia Company for their response towards the general cleaning of the airport.

The Deputy Undersecretary Chamber of Commerce Dut Dut Yel said the airport has a lot of problems since there is no prober management.

He said the launch of cleaning is to change the appearance of the airport since it reflects the image of South Sudan to the other countries in the world.

Yel said there is no protection of the airport and this time they are going to make sure security is in place around the airport.

“The administration of Plaza Zunubia will take part in cleaning the airport and it is for the first time for such launching of general cleaning of the airport,” he said.

He said there are other things that the airport needs to put in place especially protecting the premises.


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